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SQL Server Source Control for Developers

Version 1.0.3 (Rel. 1/4/2016)
Update - 8/23/2016 Version 1.1.1 development has been completed but is being delayed for release so that these updates can be merged in with a new and refreshing theme for the interface. This new theme is currently in development and will replace the current theme options that the application now has. Due to the this latest enhancement, which is quite extensive, the next version will be 2.1.1

SQL Server Source Control for Developers When you need an easy-to-use tool to save your Microsoft SQL Server database development work look no further than Black Falcon Software's SQL Server Source Control for Developers. This database version control software is very affordable for the individual, professional's budget and requires absolutely no attachment to current database management tools. The product is completely self-contained allowing you to save versioned, database scripts in localized repositories. This version control software is a great addition to any developer's toolbox where database version control is not available. So never lose your work again due to a sudden database refresh or someone else changing your scripts. Learn more at the Product page...

Managed Encryption Services for Developers

Version 1.0.1 (Rel. 10/19/2015)

Managed Encryption Services for Developers Easy to use complete encryption services utility, which allows developers to quickly implement encryption for all text and string fields where developer-defined encryption is required. Manage multiple sets of unique encryption parameters for clients and various in-house company projects without having to write any code. Component source code generated for both VB.NET and C# projects. Component code can be regenerated as often as required. Learn more at the Product page...

Data Access Tools (Open Source)


Data Access Software .NET Professionals who require quick ADO access and who don't want to use a complex ORM should try one of Black Falcon Software's freely available, open-sourced data-access-layers on the Open Source page. Includes complete source code for VB.NET & C# solutions\components (C# solution not available in 4.5 versions) along with complete documentation for easy learning. Great for developers who are new to ADO.NET as well as experienced professionals.